Professors Without Borders Think Tank

Welcome to the Professors Without Borders Think Tank: A message from our Director

Access to education is a basic human right. Yet only an estimated 38% of the world’s population is enrolled in tertiary (university and non-university) education. Furthermore, ever-pressing realities such as conflict, natural disaster, scarcity of resources, and the emergence of new technologies present universities with an array
of opportunities and challenges. Combined, these realities foster a call to action. In response, the Professors Without Borders Think Tank produces research, training sessions, and resources that assist both university educators and students in closing the gaps in higher education.

As an up-and-coming research leader in higher education research, the Professors Without Borders Think Tank fosters a number of platforms for higher education research that is rooted in policy and practice. As of 2023, the Think Tank will host Higher Education Policy Fellows and a new academic journal called: Higher Education Compass. Both platforms will be Open Access and more opportunities for research collaborations will follow in the near future. We look forward to working with researchers and institutions from across the globe as we grow our global imprint in higher education policy and practice.

The Thank Tank’s training sessions are guided by two pillars, namely: access in higher education and women in higher education. With the launch of our own academic journal in higher education, several our forthcoming training sessions will focus on capacity building and astuteness in research. Our training sessions are
planned and facilitated by a cohort of established and emerging voices in academia. The Think Tank is committed to diversity, inclusion, and when necessary, the need to understand and accommodate context. Consequently, facilitators from different countries are invited to share their knowledge and insights.

Finally, the Professors Without Borders Think Tank looks forward to working on the provision of some Open Access toolkits for academics and students. For academics, the Think Tank hopes to construct toolkits in the areas of good academic citizenship, academic editing, and inclusive pedagogy. The Think Tank will attempt to help students prepare for the world of work by providing tools that will assist with CV writing and interview preparation. We hope to construct more tools as our network of partnerships continues to grow.

The struggle for quality higher education is a global one requiring collective global action. Against this backdrop, the Professors Without Borders Think Tank is committed to establishing and fostering new partnerships with individuals and institutions across the globe. We are grateful for fruitful partnerships that are already active and having impact; we look forward to continuing, mutually beneficial collaborations going forward. Our door is always open should you or your institutions wish to discuss possible collaborations with us.

Here is to a brighter and more inclusive future with quality education for all!

Sven Botha
Think Tank Director