Professors Without Borders Think Tank

Professors Without Borders is excited to announce our latest partnership with Lecturers Without Borders (SciEd Network). Lecturers Without Borders (SciEd Network) is a network of scientists and school professors, willing to use different travel opportunities, such as scientific conferences, to give free outreach lectures in local school and high schools to complement education systems in developing countries.

The idea of the “Lecturers without borders” project is simple: scientists often travel to attend international conferences and workshops. There is an untapped opportunity for them to give free outreach-lectures in local schools and high-schools in potentially remote countries and improve the local exposure to Science. The idea is based on the observation that scientists are in general frequently moving around the world, and using the occasion to give lectures for children in local schools on inspiring topics can bridge a gap in the additional school education. In short, since they cannot bring children from around the world to the university hotspots, they adopt a reverse mechanisms to bring these hotspots around the world.

As such, “Lecturers without borders” gives the opportunity to provide schools with an exposure to inspiring, serious, yet, understandable research subjects and even small research projects in addition to their traditional curriculum, and to help children get interested in mathematics, physics, biology and other disciplines through insightful, concrete lectures on what working in those fields mean today. In addition, this project positively affects the teaching and outreach experience of scientists. In six months, the “Lecturers without borders” project has already involved more than 10 countries including Nepal, India, Russia, France, Germany, Uruguay, Indonesia. Moreover, all registered online scientists actively dedicate their free time to build a sustainable network through open registration on the Lecturers’ website. 

The overall goal of the “Lecturers without borders” project is to enrich the educational system with lectures from scientists, traveling around the world. In the long term I aim at building a sustainable system, meeting science and education, where scientists are giving outreach lectures, hence creating an additional layer in the educational system.

This includes designing and configuring the online platform, including registration and data management for both networks of schools and and scientists. 

For more information on Lecturers Without Borders visit their website.  Make sure to follow Lecturers Without Borders on Twitterand Facebook to stay up to date on their ongoing projects. 

Professors Without Borders and Lecturers Without Borders (SciEd Network) are committed to empowering young people through education. We look forward to working with Lecturers Without Borders to expand and strengthen our programs and outreach efforts around the world.

Many thanks to Dr. Liubov Tupikina and the team at Lecturers Without Borders.