Professors Without Borders Think Tank

Professors Without Borders is delighted to announce our latest partnership with LSE IDEAS. With the support of LSE IDEAS and the LSE academic community, Professors Without Borders aims to expand our recruitment, partnerships and presence around the world.

LSE IDEAS is the London School of Economics and Political Science foreign policy think tank it is currently ranked Europe’s top university-affiliated think tank. LSE IDEAS provides a forum that informs policy debate and connects academic research with the practice of diplomacy and strategy.

LSE IDEAS provides a common platform for academics and policymakers though hosting interdisciplinary research projects, produces working papers and reports, holding public and off-the-record events, and delivering cutting-edge executive training programmes for government, business and third-sector organisations. As a university-affiliated think tank and Centre within the LSE, LSE IDEAS strives to produce high-quality policy-relevant research, whilst facilitating important conversations between academics, practitioners, and the public at large on an international and global scale.

As LSE’s foreign policy think tank, a major aspect of what makes LSE IDEAS distinct and distinguished is how it conducts its work and activities within an LSE tradition of policy-relevant social science research made for the betterment of social and public concerns. Furthermore, also keeping in the LSE tradition and outlook, LSE IDEAS has a global approach, not limiting its concerns to any one region or issue-area.

In short LSE IDEAS applies high-quality research to address public and global issues, whilst facilitating genuine debate and open discourse on those issues across the LSE and academia, amongst policy-makers and the wider public.

Professors Without Borders and LSE IDEAS will commemorate the official launch of their partnership at the LSE in London on June 18, 2019.

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