Professors Without Borders Think Tank

Dr. Joe Giordano

Panel 2: Innovation in the Intersections: Arts and Creativity in STEM

Dr. Joe Giordano is a philanthropist and entrepreneur whose reach includes property development, investment, branding/marketing, website design, construction, DJ and talent management, and construction advisory and funding. He has spent the last 15 years supporting a number of charities through his philanthropic endeavors and has assisted in establishing charities that support veterans and mental health.

Joe is also an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital, Santa Maria Foundation, a charity supporting vulnerable girls through education in Colombia, an ambassador the Girlness Project, which deals with mental health issues. He is also the Chairman of Veterans for Wildlife.

Joe sits on the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor’s construction board and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He also provides support and mentorship to a number of high level business leaders, including the polar explorer Rosie Stancer. He is a past owner and Director of Torquay United Football Club and in 2011 he accepted the Freedom of the City of London.

Brittany Kaiser

Panel 1: Disrupting the system? The race between technology and businesses

Brittany Kaiser is a data rights activist and the founder of the #OwnYourData campaign. She is a cofounder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), a nonprofit lobbying firm advancing legislative reform to protect the rights of individuals to control their own digital assets. She currently works with the states of New York and California on privacy and blockchain legislation. To raise awareness of data rights, she recently cofounded the Own Your Data Foundation, to train others in digital literacy. Brittany is the primary subject of the Netflix Original documentary The Great Hack, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and recently nominated for a BAFTA and shortlisted for an Oscar. Brittany is also the author of “Targeted”, published by Harper Collins in 15 countries.

Rachel McPherson

Panel 2: Innovation in the Intersections: Arts and Creativity in STEM

Rachel McPherson resides in New York City. Rachel has spent the majority of her career working in various aspects of commercial real estate. She has an equally strong passion for healthcare and worked for two years developing an integrative approach to Physical Therapy, alongside national industry leaders. She has completed two health certifications: an Integrative Health Coaching Certification at Duke Integrative Medicine, and a 500HR Yoga Certification from Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation, a unique program that is offered in hospitals to make patients more comfortable while healing. With these skills, Rachel worked to also help combat workplace stress by teaching stress reduction and behavior change for companies such as Bloomberg Corporation. Ms. McPherson is the former Director of Special Projects for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and focused helping Faith based organizations coordinate with the resources of the State of New York, in order to foster better social impact. She is an active investor and contributor in the area of Blockchain Technology, and is currently the Chief Growth Officer of Digital Scarcity.

Etienne vantKruys

Panel 2: Innovation in the Intersections: Arts and Creativity in STEM

Homeless at a young age and discovered the power and life changing benefits of books and education. Holds a degree in Educational Sciences and a Master in Performance Coaching. Worked in performance sports (basketball) and education for long time before starting a career as a tech investor. Passionate about technology startups, notably on the intersection of Academic research and entrepreneurship.