Professors Without Borders Think Tank

In March Professors Without Borders made the decision to postpone its spring conference– Higher Education for the New Decade: Innovation, Technology and Creativity. The event sought to bring together education and industry leaders to discuss the value of innovation, technology and creativity in a higher education degree.

While we were not able to host the physical conference, we believe that it is vital that we use our platform to host a virtual conversation to discuss how universities can better prepare students for the ever-changing global job market. To do this we have recruited some of our featured panelists to share their thoughts on how higher education institutions and students can best adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the new decade.

Watch the videos from our speakers here or on YouTube

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Many thanks to Tessy Antony de Nassau, Michael Sheren, Klaus Fruchtnis, Lecturers Without Borders, and Joe Giordano for their contributions.