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“Carrier announces its official sponsorship of Professors Without Borders”

Professors Without Borders is excited to announce its latest partnership with Carrier.


Carrier is a UK based luxury travel company whose mission is to create exceptional travel experiences for their clients. Carrier is passionate about the mission and philosophy of Professors Without Borders and hopes to utilise this partnership to expand its knowledge of the world and global education.


Professors Without Borders since its start has pledged to cover the travel and accommodation costs of the volunteer lecturers. Because Professors Without Borders, is a small organisation, travel costs have continued to be a limiting factor. However, with the help of Carrier, Professors Without Borders can continue to cover the travel costs of lecturers to our programs all around the world. During the 2018 program cycle, Carrier funded the travel costs of additional professors to our summer schools. Moreover, Carrier has committed to coordinating the travel arrangements for future summer schools.


Thank you to Carrier for helping Professors Without Borders improve academic mobility around the world. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.



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