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“Ahead of the Curve: Prowibo Focusing on Women’s Higher Education”


Professors Without Borders is proud to announce that two of our four international summer schools are exclusively for women.


Professors Without Borders is committed towards to education of all, especially women.

Following this year’s G7 summit in Quebec, its members have pledged nearly $3 billion towards funding education for some of the world’s poorest women. This pledge, according to a government statement, will help facilitate the funding of equal access education across the world.


The mission of Professors Without Bordersis to provide quality free and equal access education to all students, especially the women for whom this fund is being created. The pledging of these funds further supports the mission that Professors Without Bordershas been pursuing. While these funds are just the beginning in the struggle for education across the world, it is a recognition that a focus on education, especially for girls and women, is an economic and social necessity.


The work of Professors Without Borders supports this development aim.


Professors Without Bordersrun two summer schools in India and Uganda that are located at two, all-female universities: African Rural Universityand Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College. Professors Without Borders teaches courses on civil society, communication skills, research methods, cognitive and social psychology, and lastly, entrepreneurship. Through these courses, the practical skills that our students develop will help to inspire and empower them to make a contribution to the communities around them.


With the commitment of these G7 countries and Professors Without Borders, we work to extend the reach of the necessity of education to all women, worldwide.


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