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● Professors Without Borders has published its second conference report.
● The report presents the findings Teaching Tech to Generation Z and highlights the importance of equipping Generation Z with the tools they need to adapt to the digital age and the realities of the global job market.
● The report features the key findings from the event’s two-panel discussions: Tech Tool for Gen Z and Social and Mental Well-Being in the Digital Age.

Download the report > Teaching Tech to Gen Z: Conference Report

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Teaching Tech to Generation Z took place on Saturday 18 May 2019 at the German School in London, England. Presented by Professors Without Borders in partnership with Gulf Futures Center, LSEIdeas and Richmond the American International University, the student-led conference offered a solution-oriented dialogue where participants in education, tech and research examined the ways in which education needs to adapt to address the needs of Generation Z in a changing world. The conference featured 15 speakers participating in two panels and two Q&A sessions.

The report presents the key findings from the event’s two-panel discussions. During each panel, speakers examined a variety of topics including the challenges and opportunities of ‘Teaching Tech’ and social and mental wellbeing of young adults in the digital age. The cross-generational panellists offered insight into different angels of each topic from a unique generational lens. Professors Without Borders has made the report and its conference videos freely available to the public in order to advance the global conversation on how to improve education by using technology. Professors Without Borders aims to continue the conversation with an annual meeting of minds to address problems facing the academic system and job markets of the 21st century.

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