Professors Without Borders Think Tank

  • Professors Without Borders has published the report for its most recent virtual conference held in association with Lecturers Without Borders.
  • The report presents the findings from two-panel discussions. Improving Soft Skills in STEM and Ethics and Credibility in STEM.

The report elaborates on some of the shortcomings of the traditional STEM curriculum in the area of soft skills as well as some of the perceived failures of the STEM field during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the report here

Watch the full conference, courtesy of Lecturers Without Borders here


Rebooting Stem New era, New curriculum

Changes in work patterns and environments stress the importance of soft skills such as adaptability, teamwork and communication. In addition to this prevailing trend, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for STEM graduates to be well rounded in these skills. Another neglected topic of STEM discussion concerns ethical conflicts and how to assign credibility to specific research.

This conference invited educators and members of the scientific community from different countries to discuss these aspects of the STEM field. The first panel, ‘Improving Soft Skills in STEM’, aimed to share the perspectives of educators about the importance of soft skills and promoted recommendations for their acceptance.

The second panel, ‘Ethics and Credibility in STEM, covered some of the limitations of science in response to an ongoing global emergency. The panel gave a platform for researchers to share their experiences regarding the public perception of science and and what steps might be taken to restore the public’s trust.

The conference took place online on the 2nd of June at 5:00 pm BST.