Professors Without Borders Think Tank

Professors Without Borders has published the report for its webinar on Improving Women’s Retention in Higher Education as part of the Women in Higher Education Initiative.

The report presents findings from two panel discussions: Female Student Retention and Female Faculty Retention in Higher Education.

Read the report here.


Improving Women’s Retention in Higher Education

On 27th March 2021, Professors Without Borders held the online conference ‘Improving Women’s Retention in Higher Education.’ 

The goal of this conference was to discuss the unique barriers that face women in higher education settings. The first panel focused on the student side. The panelists discussed the various obstacles to female students including lack of funding and mentorship, socioeconomic status, and societal attitudes towards women in higher education. The second panel focused on the faculty side. The panelists discussed the importance of the recruitment process for women, which is often male-dominated. They also pointed out that leadership skills in higher education are often lacking for women, as focusing on women as leaders are generally not taught at a young age and can have lifelong consequences.