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Determinants of Academic Performance, A Behavioural Science Approach, by Gabriel Inchausti

Our second publication, by Gabriel Inchausti examines how teachers can utilise behavioural  science approaches to make students more effective learners.

Gabriel Inchausti graduated in Economics from the University of the Republic (Uruguay). Gabriel has professional specialization in corporate finance and strategy and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Behavioural Sciences at the London School of Economics. He is a professor and lecturer in topics related to Behavioral Economics in Uruguay and Brazil, and is an active researcher in the field. His research focus is in the area of education and time preferences. Moreover, Gabriel served as the Executive Officer for a major South American beef group and the General Manager in an important media group in Uruguay. Currently, he is chairman of the board of a South American software company.

Gabriel’s approach to the behavioural science of education blends his experience as a corporate manager and his academic background in social sciences. The behavioural science approach provides professors and principals with tools and ideas that let them shape student’s context of decisions. Using the extensive literature available and promoting a strict evidence based decision making process, is possible to inform better tailored local policies. The purpose of the paper is to present these ideas in a practical way to those that assume the generational mandate of passing our knowledge to the next.