Professors Without Borders Think Tank

On June 18th 2019 Professors Without Borders and LSE IDEAS hosted the official launch of their partnership at the London School Economics. The event began with a welcome speech from PROWIBO co-founder Tessy de Nassau, where she spoke about PROWIBO’s core mission and co-founders and discussed why a partnership with LSE IDEAS is effective and important.

Following the welcome speech, PROWIBO co-founder Dr. Caroline Varin addressed the crowd. Caroline discussed about the unique approach of PROWIBO’s short courses and shared PROWIBO’s growth and program expansion over the past three years. She also mentioned many ways PROWIBO promotes higher education, such as our Career Development Page, and explained how we maintain contact with students after our programs end.

Later in the event all three PROWIBO co-founders answered questions from guests. Majeks Walker addressed the difficulty in delivering PROWIBO short courses online. He mentioned that in areas in Africa, particularly rural areas, internet and electronic devices might not be accessible to everyone, which would prevent PROWIBO from developing an effective course to meet the needs to the students in the area.

Following Majeks response, Tessy spoke about her own experience as a lecturer in Sierra Leone and highlighted the importance of the PROWIBO model to promote gender equality and facilitate better communication between lecturers and students. In her opinion, the lecturers are not only there to teach but also to play the role of a counsellor and advisor. Caroline, Majeks and Tessy also discussed how individuals can get involved with PROWIBO.

Many thanks to our guests and the team at LSE Ideas for an exciting and informative event.

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