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● In the fourth book review from ThinkTank Without Borders, Oliver Gonzalez-Escolano discusses how Sahana Singh in The Educational Heritage of Ancient India: How An Ecosystem Of Learning Was Laid To Waste highlights the harmful impact foreign intrusion had on the historically advanced Indian educational system.

● Singh identifies how the Indian educational system was negatively influenced by imperialist and expansionist powers from an Indian perspective and offers historical evidence of the claim by assessing the impact of different foreign rule on India from Islamic expansionist to British imperialist.

● Gonzalez-Escolano concludes that The Educational Heritage of Ancient India, through a revisionist philosophy, offers a refreshing outlook on the history of indigenous historical educational practices and serves as a cornerstone for further investigation into the topic.

Download the book review >Book Review: The Educational Heritage of Ancient India: How an Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste by ​Sahana Singh

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In his review of ​The Educational Heritage of Ancient India: How An Ecosystem Of Learning Was Laid To Waste ​ by Sahana Singh, ​Oliver Gonzalez-Escolano seeks to shed a light on a true account of the historical events. Avoiding an altered or “Western-centric” viewpoint, the book provides an accurate description from a book that draws on a wide variety of literature and academic sources. In ​ The Educational Heritage of Ancient India ​ Singh describes the varied learning approaches of ancient Indian education and examines the specialisation of ancient universities in mathematics that demonstrated an advanced proficiency influencing future Western and Islamic academic figures and advancements. Moreover, the book details the continued oppression against Indian educative practices by the forced imposition from different expansionist throughout history. Gonzalez -Escolano concludes that the book aims​ to eliminate the deliberate distortion of Indian history and its educational system. However, he suggests that further investigation into this field of academia must be done as the publication serves as an excellent introduction.


Oliver Gonzalez-Escolano has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Communications with Spanish from the University in Hertfordshire in 2016 and is currently a master’s student at Richmond, the American International University in London. He joined PROWIBO in the summer of 2019. He is passionate about education and the promotion of equal opportunity and hopes to become a Political Analyst in the near future.

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