Professors Without Borders Think Tank

Professors Without Borders in partnership with the Gulf Futures Center is hosting Higher Education In the Age of Transformation, a two day workshop that seeks to examine the intersection of higher education, business, politics, and international development.

According to the World Economic Forum, “Technology and globalization are significantly transforming work. However, education and training systems, having remained mostly static and underinvested in for decades, are largely inadequate for these new labour markets.” The world economy is changing and an estimated eighty percent of jobs that will exist in 2025 do not exist today. With youth unemployment in excess of fifty percent in some countries now, it is clear that the education system is not catering as it should, to the realities of the employment market.

Higher Education In the Age of Transformation will take place from Saturday September 15th to Sunday September 16th at the London School of Economics at their New Academic Building (NAB), room 206. The conference offers solution-oriented approaches to achieve a better understanding of how higher education can cater to the pedagogical needs of Generation Z and prepare them to integrate into the contemporary job market. The conference features 50 academic guests participating in five panels and two Q&A sessions. Each panel consists of three to four speaker presenting for approximately 5-10 minutes each, with a moderator, followed by an open floor where the audience are active participants.

Following the conference, Professors Without Borders will publish a written report summarising the discussions of the panels its websites. Moreover, Professors Without Borders aims to publish an edited volume that synthesizes different aspects of the complex and fascinating challenge of shaping higher education for the future generations.

Titus Ayodele of the Gulf Futures Center attends Higher Education in the Age of Transformation.

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With the generous support of The Gulf Futures Centre and Bridge the Gulf.